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Matis facials


 Mens express facial                 £22.00
A revitalising min-facial for an instant "pick up" when time is limited.
Purifying treatment                 £40.00
Balances sebaceous secretions of oily/combination skins, refines the pores and fights against black heads to give brightness to your skin.
    Energising treatment               £40.00
Advised as a rejuvenating treatment, this facial keeps cells healthy for a bright skin full of energy.
        Detoxifying treatment             £40.00
Fights against stress and pollution, this facial reinforces the natural defences of the skin. Recommended for sallow complextions, smokers and tiredness.




more details for solar manicure

                    Mini manicure                   £10.00
Professional shaping of your natural nail, your cuticles are pushed back and removed using A.H.A cuticle eraser then your nails are buffed to leave them smooth and ridge free.
                Solar manicure                  £15.00
This manicure contains a mix of oils; jojoba, vitamin E, sunflower and sweet almond, These closely resemble the skins own natural oils giving a deep conditioning treatment that can be maintained at home. 

more details for raw earth pediure

                       Raw earth pedicure                 £22.00
This warming pedicure is an earth derived treatment rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential oils to moisturize, sooth and polish the skin. 


Our waxing treaments are performed using luxury aloe cream wax click waxing for more details.
Back wax                                                                   from      £12.00
Eye brow                                                                                   £6.50
Chest                                                                          from      £12.00
Full leg                                                                                     £21.00
Full arm                                                                                    £15.00