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Introduction To Matis
Matis is a prestigeous salon and spa brand used worldwide in over 70 countries and has been devoting all its expertise to beauty for 25 years.  Matis boasts its own laboratory and has been proven to have the lowest reaction rate on the market at only 0.2%.  Each product in the Matis range contains numerous active ingredients to improve all skin imperfections. 
Each treatment line provides an effective and perfectly targeted response that is adapted to each woman and each man, at every age and for each specific need.  Matis combines high performance formulas with delicate textures and subtle fragrances making the facial a pleasure to receive.


Matis Cleansing Treatment             30mins             £20.00 

The first step to matis treatments adapted to all skin types.  It provides thorough cleansing of the skin deep down to ensure a perfectly purified and detoxified epidermis.  The skin is cleansed and even, texture refined.
For all skin types


Intensive Wrinkle Corrective             45mins           £50.00

An intensive treatment that gives an overall result that smothes, fills in and adds density to expression lines.  Irregularities, wrinkles and fine lines are diminished leaving the skin visably younger.
For aging skins.



Face Print Skin Enhancer      1hr        £44.00

Our best selling facial imparts instant radiance and intensive hydration. Exclusively from marine origin, highly concentrated in mineral rich actives. We will prescribe for your skins personal needs.
Choose from one of three masks Purifying, Hydrating or Soothing.



Intensive Radiance Eye Treatment         45mins        £35.00

An award winning unique eye treatment. Formulated to firm, smooth and relax the vulnerable eye area. Can be combined with Face Print or a relaxing treatment on its own.
All skin types
Combined with facial £15.00.


Total Youth                     1hr15mins                    £50.00


A maximum intensity skin care treatment to combat the signs of aging. Based on 100% pure highly active ingredients to rejuvenate, hydrate, oxygenate and firm. We can also treat the vulnerable eye/neck area. Recommended for all skins 25+ to offer tangible benefits and the pleasure of medicinal plant extracts. 
For all skin types

Reponse Temps              1hr 15mins                   £55.00


The ultimate rejuvenating facial for the woman who wants only the best for her skin. Incorporating the luxurious unique mask which contains all the elements the skin needs. This treatment is loaded with sophisticated rejuvenating ingredients such as caviar, marine collagen and tamarind seeds stimulating all of the skins functions to provide moisturisation, nutrition and radiance. 
For all mature skin in search of moisturisation, nutrition and radiance.

Absolute Purifying Treatment          1hr 15mins           £44.00


A high-tech targeted treatment that purifies and corrects the appearance of problem skin.  This extremely gentle treatment is formulated to respect the skin's physiology.  After the very first session, it offers incredible results, leaving the complexion matt and pure.  For best results a course is recommended.
For oily/combination and problem skin.


Reponse Vitalite           1hr                       £38.00

This treatment combines well-being with effectiveness.  Specially designed for dull, stressed skin and is ideal for young and combination too.  This facial will awaken your epidermis and provide it with luminosity and vitality.  Your complexion will glow with freshness.  This facial includes the 10/10 Regenerating Cream that beat No.7 Protect and Profect, leaving your skin supple, fit and radiant!
For tired, stressed, dull, devitalised and mature skins.

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