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Creative is the market leading hand and nail care brand. Our staff are creative trained to a high standard.
Nail enhancements are perfect for that special occasion or every day wear. We offer blush or french in many different shades, from soft white for a more natural look to sparkly white and glitzy colours.
Re-balances are vital as this will prolong the enhancement and maintain the health of the nail. This is required every 2-3 weeks.   

Natural looking nail extensions from creative
                                                                              Masters quailified   
Full  french set                                                              £40.00  
Full blush set                                                                 £36.00                
French overlay                                                              £30.00     
Blush overlay                                                                £26.00                
Re-balance                                                                    £20.00             
Re-balance white                                                          £24.00                
Individual nails                                                               £3.50                 
Soak off inc mini manicure                                           £10.00
Solar treatment                                                               £7.00
A wide range of nail art is available.

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